Online Registration is closed.

Please call 416-762-8033 if you would like to register. Meals may not be available if you did not pre-register.  See you soon!

Celebration Fees

You can register for part of the celebration, or for the whole weekend. Celebration Fees:

  • Friday (Evening Introduction) $15
  • Saturday $80
  • Sunday $35

Meals and accommodation are not included. More details on meals and accommodation options are below. Celebration fees for children, click here.  Please register children by phone or email at 762.8033 or


Meals are not included in the fees above. You can register separately for meals.

  • Friday dinner $5
  • Saturday meals (lunch & dinner) $10  
  • Sunday lunch $5

All meals are vegetarian and may include egg and/or dairy products. We regret that it is not possible to provide for special diets during the Celebration.


Fees for on-site accommodations are listed below, please see the accommodation link for off-site options. There are limited on-site dorm accommodations available at KMC Canada that may be booked online for the full Celebration only.  Partial Celebration accommodation bookings cannot be accepted. On-site accommodation available is as follows: Dormitory $60 (includes Friday & Saturday nights, rate is per person, 6 people per room) A breakfast buffet is included in on-site accommodation fees. Other meals and festival fees are charged separately.

Refund Policy

Celebration Fee If you cancel your Celebration registration before the start of the Celebration, we will refund your Celebration fee pre-payment less the non-refundable 25% deposit. Once the Celebration has started, no refunds are given if you cancel all or part of your Celebration. Onsite Accommodations If you cancel your Celebration onsite accommodations before the start of the Celebration, we will refund your onsite accommodation pre-payment less the non-refundable 25% deposit. Once the Celebration has started, no refunds are given if you cancel all or part of your Celebration onsite accommodations.