The Program

Relying on a Powerful Ally

Vajrapani Empowerment

Sept 13-15 2013

with Gen Kelsang Jampa, NKT National Spiritual Director of the USA

The Celebration

The annual Ontario Dharma Celebration (ODC) is a wonderful opportunity for people all across Ontario to come together to receive practical spiritual advice. It is held in the National Kadampa Temple, which arose from the compassionate intention of Venerable Geshe Keslsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU).  All profits from the event go to the International Temples Project (ITP) fund, dedicated to public benefit.

The Teachings

Vajrapani is the Buddha of Spiritual Power.  In this weekend,  Gen Jampa will emphasize how by relying on Vajrapani, we can develop the power to destroy our negative states of mind (called delusions) in general and self-grasping ignorance in particular.  He will also explain how we can cultivate the power to attain the indivisible union of bliss and emptiness. 

The Empowerment

During this weekend, we will establish a special connection with Buddha Vajrapani who possesses incredible inner strength.  Through cultivating this connection with Vajrapani in our daily life, we will be able to deepen our compassion and wisdom, destroy the inner forces that give rise to all our pain and problems, and live a joyful, meaningful life in the service of others.